Grab a Bite

At the Hog Wallow Pub we feature an extensive list of Spirits, Beer and Wine along with the best "bar" food in town. Stop by for some American grill and regional pizzas.


  • Finger Food

  • Stone Ground Tortilla Chips with Homemade Salsa

    Even better with our made in house Chili Verde

  • Quesadillas

    Choice of Cheese or Chicken filling. Served with Stone Ground Tortilla Chips, Homemade Salsa & Sour Cream.

  • Nachos & Cheese

    Stone Ground Tortilla Chips smothered in melted Cheddar Cheese with Homemade Salsa.

  • Macho Nacho

    Stone Ground Tortilla Chips smothered in melted Cheddar Cheese and choice of Hog Wallow Chili or Chili Verde with Jalapenos, Black Olives, Sour Cream & Homemade Salsa.



  • Salads

  • House Salad

    Ham, Chicken, Tomato, Olives, Peppers & Carrots over Greens with choice of dressing.

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    Tender Smoked Chicken on a bed of Greens with fresh Parmesan Cheese.


  • Pizza

  • The Hog House

    Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Onions, Sausage, Peppers & Olives.

  • Barbecue Chicken

    Chicken & Onions over a tangy BBQ sauce.

  • Hawaiian Hog

    Pineapple & Canadian Bacon.

  • Pesto

    Chicken or Shrimp, Artichoke & Tomato.

  • Surf & Turf

    Shrimp, Sausage, Onions & Tomato.

  • Veggie

    Mushrooms, Peppers, Olives, Onions & Tomato.


  • From Our Grill

  • Philly Cheese Steak

    Lean Roast Beef served with Red Peppers, Onions and your choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Colby Jack Cheese.

  • Chicken Sandwich

    A tender Chicken Breast with all the toppings and your choice of cheese.

  • The Hog Burger

    A Juicy Beef Patty Served with Tomato, Romaine & Red Onions. Comes with Choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Colby Jack Cheese. Even better with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon.


  • Spirits, Beer and Wine

  • Beer on Tap

    Bud Light • Coors • Coors Light • Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Blue Moon • Uinta Cutthroat • Guinness • Wasatch Pologamy Porter • Squatters Organic Amber • Killian's Irish RedLager

  • Beer by the Bottle

    Bud • Bud Light • Coors • Coors Light • Corona Light • Michelob Ultra • Miller Lite • Pabst Blue Ribbon 24 oz. • Squaters Chasing Tail and Wheat • Heinekan • St. Pauli's NA • O'Douls

    Epic Stout • Full Sail I.P.A. • Molsen Golden • New Castle • Pacifico • Sierra Nevada • Session Lager • Stella Artois

  • Spirits

    Vodka: Absolut • Grey Goose • Ketel One • Smirnoff, inlcuding Citrus, Grape, Raspberry, Vanilla and Pomegranate • Pinnacle Whipped Cream • Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped

    Tequila: Cuervo and Cuervo Especial Silver • Hornitos • Patron

    Whiskey: Bushmills • Crown Royal • Jack Daniels • Jim Beam • Jameson • Seagrams V.O. • High West • Fireball Cinnamon • Maker's Mark Bourbon • Glenlevit Scotch • Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch

    Rum: Captain Morgan's Spiced • Cruzan Light and Coconut

    Gin: Beefeater • Tanqueray

    Specialty Spirits: Remy Martin Cognac • Jagermeister • Baileys • Kahlua • Peppermint Schnapps • Underground Herbal

  • Wine

    White: Frontera Chardonnay • Barefoot White Zinfandel • Snap Dragon Chardonnay • Sterling Vitners Collection Sauvignon Blanc • Columbia Pinot Gris • La Crema Chardonnay

    Red: Gato Negro Malbec • Wyndham Shiraz Bin 555 • Navarro Correas Malbec • Harlow Ridge Pinot Noir • BV Costal Merlot • TWODog Cabernet Sauvignon • Rosenblum Contra Costa Zinfandel