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At the forefront of the band is the booming baritone and piercing falsetto of lead singer and guitarist Kirk Dath. As the principal songwriter and founder, Dath captivates listeners with vivid portrayals of passion and guides them through haunting narratives of redemption with his soothing whispers. Sean McCarthy, on synthesizer and Rhodes organ, adds depth and drama to their sound, masterfully blending harsh, cutting synthesis with rich, intricate sound textures. Dimitri Katsenavis, with surgical precision, anchors the band with his lyrical bass lines and potent fuzz effects. Eric Stoye, the drummer, is the driving force behind the group, delivering both energy and finesse. The recent addition of Mack Moon, contributing backup harmonies, has elevated the vocals to new heights of haunting beauty.

The band's repertoire includes songs about lust, love, loss, and evil, showcasing their exploration of varied themes and peculiar fascinations. They are storytellers, immersing their audience in a range of soundscapes. Their music includes eerie ballads about agony and vengeance, a seductive song mourning a lost bird that sets the rhythm for the dance floor, and a hypnotic piece that evokes the sensation of a hallucinogenic toad lick. Equally skilled as musicians and innovators, they have forged a deep connection with their instruments, creating vivid and unusual sonic landscapes. Fans have likened them to “the Pink Floyd of the American West.” Dath, most comfortable on the road and fueled by a desire for new experiences and insights into the collective human psyche, frequently tours North America and Europe, leaving his Salt Lake City home behind.

Dath has performed alongside international acts like Murder By Death, Joshua James, Wovenhand, and Sleepy Sun, and has headlined festivals such as MGME, Craft Lake City, Escalante Music Festival, and the Utah Arts Festival. He delivers his music with fervor, precision, and intensity, leaving audiences deeply moved and craving more. Dath performs both solo and with his band, which varies in size from a trio to a sextet.


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Jacob Westfall @ The Hog Wallow Pub

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The Hog Wallow Pub is a 21 and older establishment, please bring your ID.

Secluded amongst pine trees at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon, The Hog Wallow Pub is located kitty-corner to the historic Old Mill ruin. It is the latest reincarnation of the oldest and most notorious bar in the Cottonwood Heights area. Established in 1947 by a returning World War II veteran who converted an abandoned Civilian Conservation Corps bunkhouse into an out-of-the-way watering hole he named "The Branding… continued

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The Hog Wallow Pub

3200 E Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

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monday:   2:00PM - 1:00AM
Tuesday:   2:00PM - 1:00AM
Wednesday:   12:00PM - 1:00AM
Thursday:   12:00PM - 1:00AM
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Saturday:   12:00PM - 1:00AM
Sunday:   12:00PM - 1:00AM
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